Packages & Rates

day rates

1-on-1 – $550
2-on-1 – $400 each
Non Hunter/Observer – $250

Day rates include all meals and accommodation for the duration of the hunt. Complimentary beer and wine with evening meal. Professional Guide, field preparation of trophy animals, use of fire arms, pick and drop off at Christchurch Airport.

Rivers South Safaris can create a hunters own individual package to suit your individual needs or budget whether it be a multiple animal hunt or world record Red Stag.

Prices shown are in $US.

Trophy exporting and taxidermy

Rivers South Safaris is your exporter and will have a 100% control of your trophies to ensure the quality and only the best care is given to them. Whether you are considering having your trophies mounted in New Zealand or expedited back overseas to your taxidermist, you can take confidence in knowing your exporter Rivers South Safaris will be there every step of the way.

Trophy Fees
Prices are shown in $USD.

Red Stag pricing (Prices are in $USD)

Red Stag 320-360 SCI: $ 8,500 includes 5 nights/4 days
Red Stag 361-400 SCI: $12,500 includes 5 nights/4 days
Red Stag 401-430 SCI: $15,500 includes 5 nights/4 days
Red Stag 430+: $POA

#1 RED & TAHR HUNT Includes 5-Nights and 4-Days package plus a Red Stag 320-360 and a Himalayan Bull Tahr. Season: March thru end of July. Premium hunting time: late May thru July. $12,850
#2 RED & FALLOW HUNT Includes 5-Nights and 4-Days package plus a Red Stag 320-360 and a Fallow Buck. Season: March thru end of July. Premium hunting time: late March thru April. $11,950
#3 NZ BIG THREE HUNT Includes 5-Nights and 4-Days package plus a Red Stag 320-360, Himalayan Bull Tahr and a Chamois. Season: March thru end of July. Premium hunting time: late May thru July. $17,650

*Estate Hunts are “Fair Chase” high wire hunts on Mt Walker Station which is 10 square miles.

  • Extra Hunting Days – $500/person/day
  • NON-Hunter – observer – $250/person/day

Extra Animals Can Be Added – (see prices below $USD)

  • Red Stag 320-360 SCI: $ 7,500
  • Red Stag 361-400 SCI: $11,500
  • Red Stag 401-430 SCI: $14,500
  • Red Stag 430+: $POA
  • Wapiti starting from $8,000
  • Tahr: $5,950
  • Chamois: $5,200
  • Fallow Buck: Starting from $4,850
  • Arapawa Ram: $2,500
  • Goat: $2,500
  • Boar: $3,250
  • Extra Hunting Days: $500 per hunter per day
  • NON-Hunter: $250 per day

ALL Tahr and Chamois are hunted on private land and are hunted on foot

A Helicopter is available at a hunter’s request and cost (Approximately $1500 – $2000 per hour)


  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Block (choose a SPF factor of 15,30 is better)
  • Small Flash light or head light
  • Spare batteries for flash lights, cameras, etc.
  • Power converters and plug adaptors (230V at 50Hz is the standard power supply in New Zealand) please insure you pack these if you are wanting to charge batteries, cell phones etc.


  • Long-sleeved shirts in khaki, neutral earth colours or your favourite cammo
  • Long pants- jeans in the same colours as the shirts above
  • Three pairs of underwear including shorts and T-shirts
  • Three pairs of thermal underwear (June through August)
  • Six pair of socks
  • Light weight jacket, sweater or pull over (February through March)
  • Heavy weight jacket and rain gear (April through July) this is the start of our colder weather and snow is very probable
  • Gloves and a beanie hat (April through July) this the start of our colder weather and snow is very probable

Hunting equipment:

  • A pair of hunting boots with good ankle support are essential (make sure these are thoroughly cleaned)
  • A comfortable pair of inside shoes as it is customary to remove all outside footwear before entering the Lodge
  • Boot gaiters
  • Day pack
  • Knives (please ensure you pack these in your check in luggage)
  • Binoculars (spotting scope, range finder are optional)
  • Camera and or video cameras

Guns & bows:

  • Guns/Bows and Cross bows are permitted in NZ (military style fire arms and pistols are prohibited, do not attempt to bring these into the country)
  • Ammunition, up to 5 kilos (100 rounds) is permitted, 60 rounds per rifle should be plenty, this must be stored in a lockable container and packed in your checked baggage, black powder is not permitted
  • Always make sure you check with your airline regarding their rules and regulations on firearms and ammunition
  • Your firearm needs to be packed in a hard lockable case (pelican or tuff pack gun case)
  • Rifle bolts are not to be put in your carry-on bags
  • Proof of ownership of each firearm (CBP 4457)
  • Import permit is applicable (POL 67DA in New Zealand)
  • Permits are not required for bows and crossbows however they must be declared to customs upon your arrival into New Zealand


  • Passport
  • Gun documentation
  • Credit cards, cash as appropriate
  • Air-line tickets (and your travel agents contact details)
  • Travel insurance (we recommend you take adequate cover)
  • Address and contact details of your New Zealand outfitter (RSS)

New Zealand Customs:

  • All hunting equipment MUST be declared to New Zealand customs upon arrival into New Zealand, please insure that it is thoroughly cleaned from all soil, blood, hair etc. It pays to pack all items that need to be declared on the top of your suitcase so as they are easy to access when required by customs officers
  • Failure to declare these items can result in big fines, if you are not sure declare it


  • Keep in mind there are washing and drying facilities available for you to do your laundry
  • Tags for your trophies (two per animal) laminated business cards make the best tags
  • Make sure if you are allergic to anything or are taking prescription medications you bring adequate medication needed.

We look forward to hunting with you and if you require any more information please contact us.

Regards, Mark and Pam

Package hunts also include trophy fees for animals in package

  • 5 nights / 4 days Luxury private chalet Accommodation.
  • Healthy, Wholesome home cooked New Zealand meals.
  • Beer and Wine in moderation.
  • Field preparation of trophies.
  • Service of an experienced, professional, and friendly NZ hunting guide.

Firearm Permit(s): $25NZD – paid upon arriving at Auckland international airport

  • Trophy fees on extra animals harvested, wounded, or lost.
  • Flight/Travel International or Domestic
  • All travel and Accommodation expenses incurred (Pre- and Post-Hunt)
  • Taxidermy, Expediting and Export Costs and shipping costs
  • Goods and Services Tax 15%
  • Gratuities and ALL other expenses not specified in hunt description

Sample Itinerary:

  • Hunts Arrive SUNDAY and Leave FRIDAY
  • Pickup SUNDAY in Christchurch 1:00 pm Drop off FRIDAY in Christchurch 1:00 pm
  • Book your flights to arrive and depart from Christchurch
  • Day 1: Depart from home and fly to Auckland, New Zealand
  • Loose a day crossing International Date Line
    Arrive in Auckland, Clear customs, and transfer to domestic airport
    Fly to Christchurch where you will be met and driven to lodge.
  • Hunt 4 days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • Departure Itinerary
  • Depart Lodge FRIDAY after breakfast, driven back to Christchurch international airport

Big game trophy hunting & trout fishing on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand
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