Himalayan Bull Tahr

Himalayan Bull Tahr were released in 1904 at Mount Cook in the South Island of New Zealand and Mt Cook is New Zealand’s highest mountain (12,349 feet). With no natural predators other than man they soon spread. After years of government control by foot and helicopter hunting they are now restricted to what is known as the Tahr zone.

An outstanding
trophy animal

Rivers South Safaris has “Exclusive and Sole Hunting Rights” to some of the Best Free Range Tahr Hunting in New Zealand. These properties are in the heart of the Tahr Zone and produce Big Bull Tahr trophies every year. Rivers South Safaris only hunts Privately owned land and Not Government land (DOC), that’s why the numbers and quality of Big Bull Tahr are far superior. A helicopter is Not required for hunting Tahr on these properties with Rivers South Safaris, however it can be arranged should a client request one.

Tahr can be hunted all year round but for prime capes the best time is May through to August. The rut occurs mid May through to mid July. Bull Tahr hunting is truly the best and most rewarding hunt in New Zealand and they are not called ‘King of the Mountain’ for no reason. Seeing a huge Bull Tahr standing high on a rocky mountain ledge in full winter coat with their mane all puffed out looking down at you saying “If you’re good enough come and get me”. This is a site like no other and only those who have hunted Tahr can explain.

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